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The course in Event and Museum Curator aims at giving the required tools necessary to organize both exhibition events and performing events (video exhibitions, audio exhibitions, online exhibitions, multi-media exhibitions, urban and public art events).

Contemporary Art Curator has also managerial, organizational and conservative skills with reference to the contemporary works of art. He can work on long lasting projects or on the organization of temporary events dedicated to contemporary art or on performing show requested by public or private customers.

  • Start date
    March 2022
  • Duration
    9 months
  • Attendance
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Aimed at: 
The Course in Event and Museum Curator is addressed to Graduates and final-year university students in Art and Humanistic Sciences who followed an Art or Show course of study, Communication Science, Cultural Heritage, Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture. Professionals with a proven experience in a field concerning the subjects of the Master course

The Course in Event and Museum Curator pathway will be characterized by a teaching methodology that will constantly alternate theory and practice. From this point of view, the course will include two kinds of teaching: a basic course, constantly supported by different tutors and a series of experts working at important institutions - European and international, public and private - who will talk about their work experience.

The teaching methodology of the Course in Event and Museum Curator includes also guided tours in Museums, Collections, Libraries, Video libraries or Media libraries.

  • Teachings

    • Manager Of Temporary Events Regarding Contemporary Art And Performative Art

      Introduction to all the aspects linked to the organization and management of the contemporary art events such as: exhibitions, video reviews, multi-media installations, congresses, audio events, multi-media events, on-line events, performative events.

    • Fund Raising And Resource Management For Art

      Fundamentals of strategy planning, business plan, budget, project financing, economic and human resources management.

    • Press Office And Organization

      Creation and management of a mailing list. Fundamentals regarding the external relationships in order to manage a Press Office dedicated to art. Introduction to the organizational management of contemporary and performative art events.

    • Organization And Management Of Publicity Materials

      Notions of graphics and make-up for paper and on-line invitation cards, paper and on-line catalogues, as well as multi-media catalogues. Basic concepts regarding printing paper. Basic concepts of multi-media supports for catalogues. Basic concepts of web design and interface culture.

    • Creation And Management Of A Contemporary Art Archive

      Standards and criteria useful to create and manage a contemporary art archive. Specific problems linked to digital and on-line archives, video-archives and paper archives.

    • Organization Of A Permanent Collection Of Contemporary Art

      Standards and criteria useful to create and manage both public and private contemporary art works. Specific problems linked to the creation of a collection of contemporary art including works realized on traditional, digital, on-line, audio and video supports.

    • Classification Of The Contemporary Cultural Heritage

      Introduction to the general standards for the classification of the Cultural Heritage defined by the Central Institute for the Unique Catalogue of the Ministry of the Italian Cultural Heritage; specific analysis of all problems regarding the classification of the contemporary art works including video works or works on digital support, temporary and short-lived works, on-line works.

    • Restoration And Conservation Of The Contemporary Cultural Heritage

      Introduction to the problems linked to the restoration of the contemporary works of art both on special and multi-media supports.

    • Notions Of Museum Organization

      Introduction to the problems linked to the exhibition organization of any kind of event. Basic notions of lighting technique. Basic concepts regarding the materials to be used for the exhibition organization.

    • Contemporary Art And Web

      Introduction to the sites dealing with on-line contemporary art. Analysis of on-line galleries, museums, magazines, and artists’ personal sites.

    • European And Italian Law

      Notions of law regarding the management and conservation of the contemporary Cultural Heritage. Law concerning financing and sponsorship for the contemporary art.

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

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Cecilia Canziani - Course Coordinator

Cecilia Canziani - Course Coordinator
Curator of ZegnArt / Public, a contemporary art program by Ermenegildo Zegna Group project by Ermenegildo Zegna. Co-director at Nomas Foundation, Rome. Founding member of the non-profit organisation 1:1 projects, in which activity she took part until September 2012. Contributing editor of the magazine Cura and guiltily discontinuous blogger for Il Fatto Quotidiano. From 2008 to 2011 she held numerous teaching roles in Italy and abroad, and taught Didactics for the Museum at the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo, and Contemporary Art History at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Rome La Sapienza. She has curated numerous independent projects and publications