Milan Rome

June 16, 2021

IED wins at the Young Ones Student Awards

IED Milano and Ied Roma stand out at the Young Ones Student Awards by designing two communication campaigns for Whatsapp and Spotify.

IED Milano and IED Roma’s Communication School has won a total of 7 awards: 4 silvers and 3 mentions of merit.

IED Milano, moreover, has ranked 16th in the World list of the best creative schools, first amid Italian institutes.

The Young Ones Student Awards are among the main competitions, globally, dedicated to advertising, interaction and design schools. Judged by the best professionals in the field, the students of the Undergraduate course in Design della Comunicazione have worked with the briefs submitted by Spotify and Whatsapp, distinguishing themselves for the originality and execution of their proposals.

Whatsapp asked for the creation of a campaign to raise awareness on the issue of mental health amidst young adults, through the use of its messaging platform.

The IED Milano team, composed by: Alice Giorgia Castelluccio, Victoria Tedesco, Tommaso Donati, Omar Confortola and Francesco Fusi has designed Mood Report winning 1 silver and 3 merits.

The team of IED Roma, instead, composed by: Beatrice Coppola, Francesca Iannucci and Alessandra Astarita has presented Keep in Touch obtaining 1 silver.

The brief launched by the Swedish music streaming company Spotify involved the creation of an “outside-of-the-box-integrated-campaign” to promote the use of the Daily Drive playlist while driving, in a peculiar period like the post-pandemic one where people tend to move less frequently to offices, and more for leisure.

IED Milano has won 2 silvers with Let The Music Play, a creative project that explores the use of Spotify not in the real world, but in the virtual one of online games such as Grand Theft Auto V, Dirt Rally 2.0 and Need For Speed.

The team is composed by: Gaia Demontis, Alberto Baesso, Giulia Curia, Alice Ferretti, Martina D’Avila, Beatrice Carcelli and Giulia Colombo.