IED is a creative breeding ground capable of generating brand new synergies based on methodological experimentation and on the principles of participatory planning.

IED is a partner of excellence for businesses to develop an innovative and non-conformist design approach compared to the current market and is even able to anticipate market needs.

Choosing IED as a partner allows businesses to work on their positioning through co-branding together with an international network that for decades has experienced outstanding media and public awareness.

For over fifty years, collaboration between IED and businesses has involved the development of Thesis Projects, extracurricular Special Projects, Tailor Made Training and numerous collaborations, the engine of a virtuous circle that is the basis of market innovation and design.

Every year, under the careful guidance of lecturers and course coordinators, IED students work on developing projects that are able to meet business objectives and the marketing and communication needs of brand partners.

What are the advantages?

Supporting the training of young future design talents, by providing scholarships for the selected course

The introduction of assignments in the teaching programme for the development of focused projects and strong experimentation and strategic research

Communication of the partnership on IED channels


The experience of some of the companies that took part in the thesis projects ...

It was an exciting and valuable experience

both for us and the students, thanks to the fusion of the Honda Design philosophy with the creative energy and commitment of young IED designers

Taku Konu

Taku Kono – General Manager Styling Design Division Honda R&D

I have seen young professionals who are highly motivated to meet concrete needs and acquire the necessary skills to achieve their objectives.

I observed a mature awareness of the results achieved and of the gaps to be filled, as well as a genuine desire to make a difference with one's work. I believe that IED has taken a courageous and innovative lead in wanting to integrate such a structured experimental thesis into a well-defined and delineated course of study

Gioia Manetti

Senior Vice President of Autoscout24 & CEO of Autoscout24 Spa

IED develops intensive workshops, research projects and focus groups led by specially selected professionals: a valuable tool for Businesses wishing to receive feedback and explore the development possibilities for specific products or services, with the involvement of people who are often also part of the same potential market. 

 What are the advantages for businesses and institutions?

  • Access to a continuously updated, interdisciplinary, multicultural and multi-channel design offer that is still not influenced by the world of work.

  • Flexibility in developing activities in terms of timing and objectives.

  • Generating value around your brand thanks to the involvement of a training and research institute that for decades has experienced outstanding media and public awareness.

  • multidisciplinary teams of students, alumni, lecturers and staff of an international network

  • transversal approach and skills

  • communication of the partnership on IED channels

The experience of some of the companies that took part in the special projects ...

It was a winning idea: working with creative young people was an extraordinary experience

We decided to propose this challenge to Istituto Europeo di Design, which is among the most respected in Italy, and perhaps in the world.

Paola Lago

Acqua di Parma Brand General Manager

it is a way to combine their view of the world with ours, creating something unique and extraordinary.

Working with young people is always very interesting,

Manuela Lavezzari

Lenovo Emea Marketing Director

We were amazed by the work, the freshness and the creativity of the students

Even historical and iconic brands, such as Tempo sometimes need to do some soul searching and understand that young people who have a completely different point of view can effectively bring great added value

Elisa Albanese

Tempo Marketing Manager

Study support can also be provided through discounts reserved to students and/or technical sponsorships by providing materials for the courses.

IED also supports numerous cultural events and competitions (both national and international) through patronage activities and cultural partnerships.

What are the advantages for businesses and institutions?

  • Associating your brand with the support of young talents and training.
  • Defining research topics of common interest together with IED to be addressed during the course.


The Career Service submits CVs and portfolios according to recruitment requirements, supports businesses in the selection of candidates, organises interviews and sets up training internships. Every year, in order to bring businesses and potential candidates together, the Career Service organises one or more Career Days in which recent graduates are introduced to the companies for the first time, and other selection sessions that include project activities to test the aptitude and skill of graduates directly in the field with real briefs.

What are the advantages for businesses and professionals?

  • Receiving a selection of targeted and hand-picked CVs according to current search criteria.

  • Optimizing selection times

  • Being able to convey your corporate image to an audience of future professionals during the Career Days

  • Being able to advertise your recruitment opportunities on the IED Alumni Platform and thereby access an audience of over 120,000 IED graduate creatives.


“The meeting with the IED students was very interesting. Seeing such motivation, creativity and aspiration in young people is always a pleasant surprise and an excellent sign for the future”.

Marianna Poletti, founder of Just Knock

All tailor made courses are organised into modules that can be adapted to the needs of the companies and the level of knowledge of the participants. IED offers courses, which can be activated and delivered, at all of its offices and using various E-learning methods specifically designed for businesses.

What are the advantages for businesses and institutions?

Entrusting staff training to an institution with over 50 years of experience in teaching design.

Promoting business innovation through a distinctive training experience that places "design thinking" at the centre of the teaching method and stimulates lateral thinking.

Courses held at IED facilities include the use of the latest generation technical equipment.

Integrating various E-Learning methods specifically designed to be activated on the platform together with classroom training (at the company or IED facilities).

Working with an ISO 9001 certified company.


“We chose IED for its ability to implement an entirely personalised approach for each of our customers. In this way, each owner and each store in the Pharmacie d’Excellence circuit had the opportunity of taking advantage of ad hoc digital consultancy.”

 Filippo Manucci – Alès Groupe President of the Pharmacy and Drugstore Division