Enrollment Process

Applicants for the Foundation Year in Italian Language & Creativity must:
a. hold an upper secondary school diploma;
b. be aged 18 or over by December of the academic year of enrolment;
c. follow the admission and enrolment procedure.

Admission procedure for IED Foundation courses in Italy

Procedure for Visa-Seeking students

After meeting your Advisor for the informational interview on the course you have chosen, you can begin the admission process. You will need to log in to your reserved area using the credentials provided by your Advisor.

If you are not in contact with your Admission Advisor yet, request information from the page of the course you are interested in. You will receive an email with the Advisor contacts and general information about the selected course.

The admission test consists of:

• Valuation of school record
• Language test (for candidates applying for a course taught in a language other than their mother tongue and who do not have a language certificate).
• Admission interview.

Once you complete the admission test, your Advisor will notify you the outcome. You will then be able to access your personal area, where you can complete the registration process.