Students, teachers, alumni and school staff are part of an on-campus and off-campus ecosystem, at the student’s service and closely connected to the entrepreneurial fabric.

The 7,000 m2 of school services (classrooms, networking space and labs) are equipped with the latest technology, tools and materials offering the highest performance for design schools; Fashion Labs, Render Lab, Media Lab, XR Lab, Textile Lab, Mobility Lab, etc. make the school a dynamic, creative design lab.

The student’s specific needs are met on an individual basis by a team of professionals, focused on developing curricular skill sets and continuous personal growth throughout the entire course.

IED Barcelona offers 4-year Bachelor’s Degrees in Design, the quality of which are certified by the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency. 

Considering the study programme, the school’s internal quality assurance system, the teaching staff and the learning resources, external/professional experience, mobility schemes and the Master/End of course work, IED Barcelona is certified to the highest national and international quality standards, as the system set up to evaluate the quality of Catalan schools is part of the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR) facilitating mobility and academic cooperation between universities.

IED Barcelona is five schools in one, with specialised courses focused on academic excellence based on advanced design methodology. IED organises Master Courses and Courses in Fashion, Design, Visual Communication, Management & Design Strategies, with a study programme in Spanish and English.

IED Barcelona is the only school in Spain offering courses in Business Design and Transportation Design, as well as a University of Westminster Bachelor of Arts (Hons); BA (Hons) in Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Communication, leading the top European Fashion school rankings.

The Orientation and Admissions Department helps future students make the right academic choices, explaining the courses offered by IED Barcelona, walking them through the process to find just the right course, best suited to the needs and motivations of each individual.

Planning a visit to get to know the school and/or holding an online meeting with our team of Advisors is the best way to get personalised advice so you’ll have a clear idea of what’s in each course, career opportunities and the admission process.

The Student Services department welcomes students from Spain and all over the world, to make their arrival in town as smooth as possible. Information that could be useful when looking for accommodation, with paperwork for a residence permit, Health Card, language schools and tourist attractions in the city of Barcelona, as well as the benefits of a student identification card.

Students are offered assistance not only to initially adapt to their new surroundings, but also throughout their studies with advice offered whenever needed, extensive educational and social activities, professional experience and an Erasmus Programme, enriching the student’s experience at IED Barcelona with quality, trust and commitment. 

The Virtual Campus is an online student information channel. Right through the course, from the first day onwards, students can consult this tool on a daily basis to stay up to date with what’s going on at IED.

Implemented for every course, each student has password protected access to the Virtual Campus with a calendar of exhibitions, events, competitions, etc.; access to the academic content of master classes, interactive manuals, tests, group activities and forums.

Information on class times, service notices, software documentation and manuals for the latest IT programs, protocols for reserving spaces and user privileges for school packages, Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft Office to name just a few, are regularly updated in the Virtual Campus.

The IED Barcelona Academic Secretariat takes care of all the students’ academic paperwork, managing registration, applications and administrative formalities, as well as degrees and diplomas, degree certificates, and school records.

Right from the start of the course, this department is at the student’s disposal, providing access to school regulations, giving students their identification card, providing assistance with academic formalities throughout the year.


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The library in the Point Two building provides the IED Barcelona community with valid educational support for studies and research. The library offers specialised services with valuable access to information resources, furthering the development of knowledge, promoting design culture and the preparation of future professional designers.

With its bespoke installations and long opening hours, the library offers students a variety of media and a wide range of documents on the applied arts and design.

Check available documents and resources in the online catalogue


IED Barcelona offers its community a personalised emotional management service.

Knowing yourself, self-control and emotional intelligence are the basic tenets for enjoying and balancing academic and personal experience. Counselling lets students make the most of the resources at their disposal, encouraging self-knowledge and offering valuable advice on how to manage emotions.

This service offers support to achieve student well-being at a potentially challenging time.

The IED Barcelona Career Services’ department offers the whole IED community the chance to complement its educational experience with continued professional guidance.

It offers an advisory service focused on managing work experience agreements and job offers. Opportunities for students and alumni to develop professional skill-sets in a program of training courses and recruitment events.

The department is in close contact with Spanish and international companies and institutions to offer everyone in the IED community guidance throughout their professional career.


The IED Barcelona IT systems’ analysis team is at the students’ disposal. The technicians in the IT department help create user accounts to use school services and install Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft Office privilege packages. 

The IT team is constantly updating the technological resources used in creative workshops and design classes to the latest versions so everything runs smoothly.

IED Barcelona set up Fusion Point with ESADE and the Technical University of Catalonia as a meeting point for companies and students. Crossover groups of students participate in development projects promoted by Attract Academy and Fusion Point, bringing new ideas to the table to solve real engineering, business and design challenges.

One project worthy of note is Challenge Based Innovation by IdeaSquare@CERN, developing solutions that have a positive impact on society.

IED Barcelona closely follows the professional development of alumni, and connects them to the IED Alumni Network with over 100,000 graduates of 100 different nationalities and 150 professional profiles from the 12 IED schools. 

Alumni Barcelona is in constant dialogue with ex students, keeping them up to date on the latest news, events, job opportunities and offers of mentorship, promoting networking so the IED community thrives.