12 July 2023 - 12 July 2023


19:00 PM - 20:30 PM


Via Alcamo 11 00182 Roma (RM), Rome - Italy

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In-person event

Courageous designs celebrating independence and overcoming the clichés linked to arts, genres, and eras.

Ideas that overcome the trends and movements, celebrating freedom of expression, a return to quality tailoring, and independence from the established canons. This is the common thread that unites the creations by the students of IED Roma’s Three-Year Fashion Design and Jewellery Design courses, which, on Wednesday, 12 July, will be showcased on the catwalk amid the picturesque setting of the gardens at the Roman campus, overlooked by a splendid Roman aqueduct.

An ensemble work, with a focus on indie fashion, entitled “Me, Myself and I”, which begins with the analysis and recovery of vintage style, and elaborates on it through a personal reworking. The spirit of this year’s fashion show combines the central themes of tailoring and independence with the introspection of the young designers, who have mustered the courage to freely express their values.

A generation that is developing new and increasingly inclusive social models. Some of the most prominent themes of the projects include the celebration of the feminine, the fight against femicide, and the overcoming of gender identity. Themes that strive for social revolution, through contexts in which fashion has great potential and plays a crucial role. Among them, the project entitled L'Amore Superbaby, by Ban Zsofia Klara, a tribute to the free expression of femininity through garments that combine elements of nineteenth-century costume with more contemporary textures and shapes; L'autre moi, a work by Luca Di Giacomantonio, which explores the definitions of gender identity, in order to overcome them; the project entitled Vitruviana, by Maria Chiara Sorbino, which, paying homage to the famous Renaissance work by Leonardo da Vinci, takes us on a journey through the concepts of body transformation and perfection. Finally, designer Giorgia Scuderi brings the pride of Riot Girls to the catwalk with her project entitled Riot ZZZ, a collection that celebrates women’s emancipation through ‘90s contours with a grunge/punk appeal.

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