Joining the IED world and making the most of it, with full support from qualified assistants and the opportunity to access specific learning, project design and social facilities. Other relevant services are also available on a pre- and post-registration basis. These include helping students find their way in their new city and get prepared to move into the world of work.


This is a first-line contact service. Anyone wishing to enrol in or just learn more about IED can arrange an interview with an Admission Advisor, who will be there to share more details on the different specialisation tracks available at the school and provide advice on future career opportunities. Students will receive information on how training is organised, on contents covered and course focus, on admission and selection process, based on their own personal interests and background.

It works closely with the School Office and other network Schools to assist all students, whether from Italy or abroad. It promotes sharing and integration into the socio-cultural city environment as a way to enhance your learning experience.

This is the information system for academic teaching management, providing students, lecturers and staff with a public channel for sharing information and relevant documents. All members have access to an on-line space where they can view notices, class schedules, course materials, study plans and any information available about current academic careers.

 It takes care of academic matters in terms of methods, structure, and content. Students can come here to seek support in achieving teaching objectives, progress reporting, follow-ups and reviews.

IED enters into agreements with local entities for economic concessions on the purchase of goods and services for the benefit of students: from suppliers of useful tools for professional activities to establishments and facilities for leisure, culture and well-being.

Through agreements with various accommodation providers, IED can support students as they search for the best accommodation options to suit their personal needs. The list of accommodation providers and terms of access are available on the Accommodation area of the website.

IED supports all students as they prepare to take their first steps into the world of work. A strong network of companies, professional studios and creative agencies connects supply and demand for jobs in the creative and design industry, assisting new graduates in their search for internships and other types of career opportunities.


A network of 120,000 Alumni operating in more than 130 countries across the world has been created to encourage open interaction on a dedicated web portal, accessible to both former students and as part of the IED Network. The idea is to keep in touch with a creative, cultural and business community, where all members can bring out their own experiences and enhance the value of the network itself by posting job offers and cultural initiatives, specifically intended for the community. 

Two representative bodies operate at IED. Their aim is to provide advice and support as required, deal with requests and submit proposals to the Academic Council as far as teaching and student services are concerned. A range of different cultural and project-related activities may also be put forward. 

 It promotes student well-being as part of an inclusive, supportive and non-judging atmosphere. It is a place where study problems are shared and addressed with a view to working out solutions. Each student is offered up to three listening and discussion sessions and a follow-up meeting free of charge. The service is run by a clinical psychologist registered in the Register of Psychologists of the Tuscany Regional Government, working as an IED consultant.

All computers available at IED Firenze provide free access to WGSN, the world's leading platform for strategic style information and trend forecasting. Access allows high-resolution downloads of a variety of content, from daily trends to market research, from iconographic research and trend galleries to streetstyle and graphics. 

This is a partnership that allows students to access a database of innovative materials from on-site computers, containing more than 5,000 sheets with images, extensive descriptions, physical and performance specifications, eco-compatibility and contact details of manufacturers and distributors. 

IED works with leading software houses to offer students tailor-made training packages suited to their needs and provide them with the most advanced working tools. In particular, the Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise package is made available for the whole course length. Students will be able to use it on their own personal computer. Upon completion, students can take out an annual Creative Cloud Membership for professional use of the same software package at a favourable rate. This package includes key software tools required for training such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, Premiere, After Effects and many others. IED also provides students with the Microsoft 365 package, which includes Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, Access. All students are also entitled to use Autodesk software (3D Max, Autocad, Maya, etc.) free of charge.