IED Milano Formazione Continua Social Media Strategy for Fashion Brands

Academic year


Partnership with Espressoh, a revolutionary Italian brand in makeup and skincare.

For the launch of a new gloss, participants designed the most suitable packaging and devised strategies to generate hype around the product. This includes creating stories, using filters, and implementing actions both on social media and offline, in preparation for the official launch.

Manuela Zaccari came up with the idea of creating a dual-colored lip balm that:

  • Features a circular mechanism allowing for both closing and switching between the colors, enabling the use of one or both shades at a time.

  • In a sustainable perspective, it has a detachable double bottom for product refills.

The naming was carefully chosen, referring to 24 h.o., known as "hours of operation." By playing with Espressoh's native suffix - "oh" - and reversing the initials of the acronym "operations hour," it highlights the long-lasting (24 hours) nourishing properties of the lip balm. This is an appealing characteristic for the Espressoh target, who are always seeking simple, practical, and quick makeup that enhances their natural beauty without overpowering their facial features.