Academic year


This graduate project aims to create Hospital Networks to improve access to healthcare for indigenous communities through a circular perspective.

Calli is a project designed to improve the well-being of rural communities in North, Central and South America. The objective is to create Hospital Networks to improve access to traditional health care through a circular approach.

The proposal encourages the community to build these environments. Also, they can continue to produce natural medicines while obtaining conventional treatments, following their ancestral traditions.

It proposes four spaces: one for managing emergencies, another for daily consultations, a third for long-term treatments, and a fourth for a school for learning about medicinal plants and remedies. The proposal preserves its environment by using natural materials such as clay, wood, cane, bamboo or coconut. It connects the different spaces by means of ramps to create a space with different levels respecting the geology of the area. The gardens in the area will be used for planting medicinal plants and herbs.

With this project, the student Arantxa Erazo wants to create a solution for indigenous communities who, faced with health emergencies, decide to stay in their own town due to a lack of resources and nearby equipped infrastructures. With this initiative, she aims to improve the lives of all people by listening to their needs and offering solutions that are not invasive for these communities.