Academic year


IED Firenze in partnership with Barone Firenze, Gaetano Pollice and Waxmore proudly presented DiversifIED: inclusive creativity.


The collaborative event (to take place on the 18th of July 2019) is the final outcome of a peer-led project developed by Fashion Events and Public Relations Summer course in order to showcase the works of their fellow Made in Italy and Fashion Design students. Bringing together the unique styles and traditional methods of the three partners, DiversifIED is not only a fashion event, but a celebration of inclusivity, diversity and creativity. We hope to express the importance of our differences, but also our values of family and belonging, through the celebration of our event. Fashion Design students have created five themed looks using Waxmore fabric, which will be paired with Gaetano Pollice bags modified by Made in Italy students, and leather goods and accessories supplied by Barone Firenze.