Academic year


The work is developed by IED Roma in collaboration with Reggio Children, the International Center for the defense and promotion of the rights and potential of children.

A project that promotes educational themes through the redevelopment of a large space inside the former slaughterhouse in the Testaccio district. This area has already undergone significant transformations with the addition of spaces for the Third University, the MACRO Museum, and the Città dell’Altra Economia. Therefore, it is considered strategic to integrate an Learning Hub into these functions, dedicated to a young target audience between the ages of 14 and 18, conceived as a meeting and exchange place, where a wide range of cultural activities can be hosted through methods appropriate to the target audience. Amigdala critically reflects on almost entirely forgotten themes, including the origin of the space to be regenerated. It thus incorporates natural and animal figures with the aim of invoking, through concepts and images, new relational modes with other species, under an anti-speciesist sphere and in response to communities facing complex and global issues such as environmental exploitation and the climate crisis.