Academic year


Who and what generates the rhythms of consumerism in fashion? What generates the need to consume low quality, fast-fashion? How can we as society slow down the pace of consumerism?

The installation sets in place an ensemble of artisanal, crafted pieces, solely made of natural, non-dyed fabrics- old handwoven hemp canvas made on the wooden loom, deadstock non-violent silk and cotton voile. The assemblage comes as an answer to our need of slow production focused on craftsmanship and creation as a form of meditation.

Whether simple in shape and thoughtfully transformative, or heavily elaborated in terms of handwork textures, the pieces are meant to fulfill more than one impulsive need, the need to consume. They are meant to nurture both the soul seekings for artistry and the multifunctional physicality of everyday life, without perishing after one season.

The installation comes as well as a metaphor to the inner light which, pervades through the external layers, when we are in sync with our own selves, with our surroundings, with (our true) nature.

While involving low-tech crafts such as handloom weaving techniques and contemporary, forward-oriented design, circular practices such deadstock use and multifunctionality we are aiming to endorse self authenticity through a more conscious approach of the garment as multi-purpose object, born at the convergence of conceptual and functional.