Academic year


During this academic year, students have acquired tools and knowledge, have developed their research thanks to the continuous dialogue with all the faculty composed of professionals in the sector. The return of their research results in their final thesis elaborated individually or, in some cases, in small groups. Some students have based their internship path at various companies, others have processed personal research directly on campus.

Starting from the previous academic path in fashion styling & communication, a thesis project was developed that sought a point of connection between fashion, contemporary art and digital. The aim of the project was to offer a personal interpretation and an alternative key to understand how these areas are talking and contaminating nowadays, with an output that includes the realization of a virtual exhibition on the Spatial platform.

In recent years, the link between fashion, art and technology has strengthened more and more, becoming an established modus operandi. The pandemic has accelerated this change, greatly aligning these previously distant realms.

The research took as starting point the identification and analysis of the development of this "organic" collaboration between these three different themes, with an in-depth historical excursus of case histories. The final project contemplated the creation of an "other space": a different and dematerialized world, in which there is a virtual exhibition that can retrace, at the historical and iconographic level, the stages and the evolution of the dialogue between these three worlds.

The project focused on how fashion, technology and art have been able to penetrate deeply into the context of belonging to other areas, influencing and changing in turn.