Academic year


Denoise is a collective videomapping work created in the context of the Master Course in Visual Arts for the Digital Age at IED Milano

This creation focuses on enhancing the concept of “noise reduction”, turning noise itself into a form of recognition, tolerance and artistic appropriation. In a future-oriented world, we mirror ourselves in our noise, identifying it as a fundamental part of life.

The collective work Denoise is about accepting the unknown as an integral part of our existence, without judging it as positive or negative. The unknown is equated with noise and is explored as a constituent element of meaning, a manifestation of the vast universe of possibilities.

On the wall are seven relief sculptures, inspired by the works of Gruppo T, a historical Italian programmed and kinetic art group. Innovative reality that has been creating experiences for the public since 1959, stimulating unexpected reactions through perceptual experiments and interactive environments. 

The video mapping is a revisitation and reinterpretation of seven sculptures of the historic Italian Gruppo T, which becomes the theatre of an ideal journey through seven communicative situations – Parallel Languages, Disharmonies, Simultaneous Translations, Impossible Dialogues, New Silences and Encroachments – that narrate the ‘de-programming’ of Programmed Art: the victory of disorder over order, the generative capacity of chance over the programme, the roar of industrial activity that becomes digital silence. Noise that is no longer announced, but that acts and confounds, contains and recounts, distracts and inspires.

The digital animation of the Denoise installation is guided by a small luminous sphere that interacts with seven worlds with different characteristics, made of wood, polystyrene and plexiglass. These sculptures are cyclically illuminated, giving life to the narratives that animate them. The sphere triggers reactions, contrasts and possibilities of communication with the planets it passes through. Sometimes it attempts to interact without success, other times it finds new answers and new spaces.

Navigating through windows, tubes, codes, pixels and sounds, this sphere highlights everyday situations, human relationships, interactions between machines and human-machine dynamics. The wall becomes the stage for an ideal journey, where parallel languages, simultaneous translations, disharmonies, seemingly impossible dialogues and insurmountable barriers emerge.

By listening to new silences, we may even allow ourselves to explore new dimensions.

Students: Emma Scarafiotti, Erica Gariboldi, Kamilla Lucarelli, M. Daniela Cimarelli, Mattia Solazzo, Monica Rivolta, Ottavio Mannarino and Sofia Masiello. 

Coordinator: Martin Romeo

Tutor: Lucia Cristiani

Teacher: Rino Tagliafierro, Emiliano Bagnato and Filippo Marta