Academic year


Students of the Undergraduate courses in Product Design, during the development of their final project, had the opportunity to work with the Italian brand Lambretta.

"E‐LAM ‐ new electric mobility models for Lambretta”. Lambretta is an Italian scooter produced by Innocenti in Milan, in the Lambrate district, from 1947 to 1972. The objective of this thesis is to develop a new electric Lambretta to be launched in the next future. This vehicle should deliver style and lines of classic Lambretta re‐interpreted in a contemporary way, in such way to be appealing for the new digital customers and fulfill theirs need about urban mobility. Aim of the project will not be to design following the classic lines of traditional motor scooters, but to create something new by observing the trends dictated by the most popular electric scooters today.