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Real workplaces today are a far cry from the clean, seamless visions of futuristic corporate videos. What do we mean when we say digital workplace then?

Hydra is a workplace platform that produces a flexible and connected environment for collaboration.

The platform includes three parts, all functioning through a single app. The first is an interactive digital map that indicates the current state of individual spaces - messy, empty, noisy, etc. - allowing the user to select a workspace dependent on her or his needs. The second is a user profile that enables inter-work messaging and provides live user location. Third is a mini printer that uses sticky-note paper to encourage users to print and display ideas, meeting minutes, and sketches. By streamlining the who, where, and how of work, Hydra aims to make collaboration more efficient and enjoyable.

Hydra was created by Jordi Pedemonte, Robert Sampson and Tessa Schwartzmann from the Masters in Design Management at IED Barcelona in 2016. In 2017, It was selected to participate at the Global Grad Show of Dubai Design Week.