Academic year


This project is committed to a new way of living, giving a renewed image to well-being, compactness and comfort. In short, it is a NEW HOME that wants to take care of the user and the planet on which he lives. It does not harm the environment, it can be placed anywhere and then removed without leaving any trace.

It does not waste energy, since its lighting is based on 2 rechargeable lamps with the sun. No extra material is needed to be assembled. It is light, fresh and very bright. And in addition, it has a storage area in the lower part of the capsule, with multiple uses, such as for storing suitcases or clothes.

IBICAP is a folding cabin with an icosahedral shape. It has the capacity, from a physical point of view, to be a temporary structure that can be disassembled and assembled. Therefore, capable of assuming
states of stress and relaxation given by the air factor, an essential condition for the very existence of the product. It is 100% foldable, easy to transport, comfortable and offers affordable prices. Its design has innovative materials, less static, lighter and adaptable to place them in natural areas.