Academic year


Students of the Undergraduate course in Jewelry Design, during the development of their final project, have created their own jewelry collection.

There was a time of re-birth in human’s history called the renaissance. Amongst a lot of great re-discoveries; perspective was re-born.

A master of this technique was born in Urbino where his paintings until today amaze those who see them. His name was Raffaello Sanzio. He managed to transform what was flat into 3D, painting the buildings he saw around him. A more older technique, that of chasing and repousse is similar to painting perspective. The act of hammering serves as the paint on a flat canvas that brings the sheet of metal into 3D. The relation between the past and the present here come together. The ancient technique of painting perspective drawing contemporary buildings of their time, the ancient technique of chasing and repousse, depicting Milan’s contemporary buildings of today.

Student of the Undergraduate course in Jewelry Design: Gabriel Paul Farrugia