Academic year


Incendio Doloso - in English arson-, by Lorenzo Li Greci, explores the concept of inactivity; the central theme of the project resides in a lethargic and reflective atmosphere

In a frenzy and everchanging era, the choice to create a project based on slow photography translates into a deep and dilated immersion in time. This slowness becomes a mediating element through which the author manages to capture the lethargic and reflective mood of his subject, resulting in a visual experience that differs drastically from the speed with which we usually perceive the world.

The third-year student has created a project in two acts: an author's book and an exhibition.

The book, conceived as a first act, is a visual story that gathers suggestions, faces, shapes and colours of the contingent reality. A total of 105 images that mix portraits and still life, small and medium format pictures and initiatory and unexplored scenarios. There is no organic narrative structure, the story told presents a storytelling without beginning or end but a visual flow without narrative chronology.

The exhibition took place at the Martin space in Milan on 14, 15 and 16 April 2023 and featured an anthology of remains, fictitious, anomalous, intimate and marginal debris. An intimate, symbolic, metaphorical journey, made of suggestions and references, where the mixture of tones became the absolute protagonist. This second act is material, a mental fire that becomes organic, through the reuse and relocation of archaic elements.