Academic year


The students of the Master in Visual Arts for the Digital Age had the pleasure of exhibit a selection of unpublished works at Fabbrica del Vapore which they created during the past year. The collective exhibition entitled "Denoise" demonstrated how society is aimed towards the future, how it reflects itself in its own noise and how it recognizes itself in it.

Starting from the transcription of the historic chess match between Garry Kasparov and the IBM Deep Blue supercomputer, the artist developed an algorithm that allows the moves on the chessboard to be translated into a musical score in consecutive steps.
The coding takes the shape of a performance in which the audience can play a chess game against the AI ​​by generating chord sequences which are set to piano music in real time. Confronting the rigidity of the code and the entirely human ability to transform error into a creative possibility, the artist reflects on the fleeting boundary where sensitivity and technology meet.

Project by: Erica Gariboldi