Starting with a reflection on automation and the future, the project aims to raise awareness of the possible inconveniences of uncontrolled progress, the impact of over-reliance on technological automation, with a line that aims to combine tailoring with electronics

This is all thanks to the use of an Italian invention with a thousand applications, the ARDUINO programmable board: an extremely basic form of computer to which one can give orders and which, coupled with servomotors, is able to modify - thanks to a system of pulling cables - the shape and usability of the garment according to the situations encountered by the user, from atmospheric conditions to temperature variations, from use in open spaces to passing through closed spaces.
Accompanying the system is a look that takes broad inspiration from the intricate machinery that surrounds us every day and that we no longer notice. Instead, the artistic reference consists of a number of cornerstones of Japanese comics and animation, in tune with the criticism of unconscious progress, with the highlighting of what appears to be a dystopian future.