Academic year


Maralat is a terrestrial-floating space to solve the impact of the rise of water on farmers in L’Albufera, Valencia (Spain). 

Under the prism of regenerative design, Loredana Tulli's proposal responds to the needs of the ecosystem crisis that surrounds L'Albufera in Valencia. Maralat is conceived as a terrestrial space that, due to the rise in sea level caused by climate change, will evolve and continue to offer its function on the sea.

The project aims to respect nature and the resources it offers seeking to foster a community that reinforces the culture of the area through primitive design and technology. Inside, it proposes spaces for scientific research (agriculture, biotechnology, oceanography, architecture, design...), an aviary for the care and preservation of bird species, a viewpoint, lodging rooms for workers, an internal pool for growing rice, rest space, among others.