Academic year


This project was part of the Sonar+D CCCB Festival in 2020 and within the framework of the event, IED’s proposals explored possible futures through the intersection of design, creativity, data analysis, and technology.

MixCities is a Virtual Reality experience created by students of the Master in Design For Virtual Reality at IED Barcelona and former students of the BA in Sound Design at IED Milan to discover Rome, Milan, Barcelona, and Madrid. This audiovisual and interactive journey is structured around the themes People, Land and Identity and offers data information decoded through colors and sounds. 


Design Team:

Project Manager - Marilza Freire

Head of development - Hoda Rawas

Art Director - Maya El Kaaki

Immersive Sound - Perla Haddad

Sound Design - Lorenzo Di Tria


Project Direction:

Project Leader - MeryGlez

Art Director - Gus Zúniga

Sound Direction - Painè Cuadrelli

Interaction & Development - Daniil Koshelyuk

Visual Design - Javier Garay