Academic year


Individual presentation for the designer Christian Boaro’s CHB brand in the theme of TRADITIONAL REVOLUTION. Realization of a collection and one final outfit.

Bodies intertwined amidst a sea of bodies, representing society. Human existence, human history, human customs and beliefs - all part of tradition. The emotions and struggles of individuals, their battles and the possibility of change through revolution. The Tradition of Revolution.

Society, weary and disenchanted, appears to consist of individuals who have lost all hope - in themselves, in others, and in the world around them.

The "masses" refer to the silent march of the world. A world that chooses to turn a blind eye to the events unfolding before them - too many revolutions, too many traditions, too many voices and choices.

Slowly awakening each morning, yet remaining in a state of slumber, the masses are devoid of sight, voice, touch or smell. The only indication that they are still human beings is their breath. But simply existing does not equate to being alive. It is time to awaken.

Bodies intertwined amidst a sea of bodies. Society existing, yet not truly living. Numb.