Academic year


Students created a fashion and culture magazine. From marketing strategy to content and design, they blended their diverse expertise with Indesign training and Fashion Phenomenology.

MIRROR MAGAZINE by Mirko Bigazzi, Emma Venturi, Arianna Furi, Olivia Marchesi

MIRROR is a thought-provoking magazine that delves into a diverse range of themes that go from the vision of our body to the study of our society. Our magazine is born for a niche target of readers as we share very deep thoughts for people who are ready to question themselves. MIRROR encourages you to analyse and perceive things from alternative perspectives as our issues won't probably answer all your questions since our purpose is not giving our readers answers, we aim to leave our readers with a personal reflection, and eventually a personal answer. 


KWAKE by Cristian Lanotte, El Mahdi El Azhari, Alice Puliti, Rebecca Raffaelli, Gael Quenon

Kwake can be described as a "Children's book for adults", where our main goal is to engage and amuse people without being too formal or annoying with our content. In Kwake, we envision a fashion landscape where creativity knows no bounds and we infuse it with a joyful spirit and a touch of whimsy. Kwake is a canvas for creativity, where we dare to explore the unconventional and celebrate the unexpected, with content that sparks conversations and challenges norms, we embrace controversy as a catalyst for growth and change.Through inspirational stories and captivating visuals, we ignite the imagination and empower our readers to dream without limits. But we don't stop there - Kwake is an interactive experience, inviting our audience to participate, engage, play and become part of the creative process. 
The entire project was accompanied by research to understand better our target audience, how they speak, what makes them laugh and their preferences in humor. This insight informs our tone of voice, ensuring that our messaging resonates authentically with our readers. Utilizing social media as our primary platform, we distribute our content strategically always staying true to our tone of voice and image. In addition to regular content, we spice things up with the ideation of a limited edition contests and guerrilla marketing tactics. These initiatives surprise and delight our audience, keeping them engaged and eager for more.