Academic year


Students of the Undergraduate course in Jewelry Design, during the development of their final project, have created their own jewelry collection.

Phtongos is the word used by Omero to describe the mermaids’ voice. It's aims is to keep alive the legend. The mermaid is an aquatic mythological creature which has undergone several metamorphoses through the ages. The collection is attractive and dangerous, as the mermaid is, thanks to the shiny but sharp stones. When the jewels are worn the body mutates, it becoming half animal and half human. But when the viewer comes in touch with the wearer, attracted by the pieces, can hurt himself as the mermaid does with the enchanted man. Was used the 3D printer, a symbol of today’s technology. The design is inspired by Ernest Haeckel’s illustrations, to simulate the microorganisms with which mermaid is constantly covered under the water. The project is made using plastic and resin that were subsequently lacquered and decorated with cubic zirconia.

Student of the Undergraduate course in Jewelry Design: