Academic year


One body. Two natures

Pieles Siamesas is a research of sustainable development with the purpose of reconnecting human skin with nature through fashion design, carried out by Paula Ulargui Escalona.

A nature from which we are so disconnected that we are not even able to feel the impact of its absence. We do ignore it, we live far away from it and we deny its rhythms and processes within ourselves.

This work is inspired by this need and tries to make clothing the tool for this reconnection. How? By feeling it, dressing it and putting ourselves at its service. Creating garments in which the human body is, alone and only, the support for nature to grow, sprout, live and create its life cycle. A connection that makes the person who wears these pieces feel nature on their skin.

This project also seeks to raise awareness of the great need today to create a more conscious, balanced and sustainable fashion industry.

Pieles Siamesas was the Final Project of Paula Ulargui Escalona, student of the Degree in Fashion Design of IED Madrid.

This research and work has led Paula Ulargui to collaborate with Loewe and to be chosen as the designer of Cristina Pedroche's look for Campanadas 2023-2024.