Potap is about drinking water filters that can bring domestic tap water to a level of ultra-purity.

Potap consists of three elements – two products and one app – and has the objective to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles but also avoid the intake of microplastics and bacteria.

Potap Mini and Potap Maxi are two products that, installed on the sink, have the function of filtering water, giving it purity and a sweeter and lighter taste. The difference among the two can be found in the target and modality of installation. There is also an app which aims to connect and stimulate the user to the use of the product: in this way he can discover the amount of plastic not swallowed, the number of bottles saved or when it is time to change the filter.

The project was realized by Lorenzo Fantone Julio and Alessandro Todaro, whom are students from IED Milano, attending bachelor’s degree in Product Design.