The project tries to alleviate a serious added problem suffered by refugee women in refugee camps. When conditions are so extreme, overcrowding does not allow the establishment of sufficient security spaces and the most vulnerable people are victims of all kinds of violence and abuse.

This project arises in response to a reality that many are unaware of. This reality is based on the refugee camps and the different problems that we can find within this community, such as women, a more vulnerable group due to different factors. Many of these women, among other problems, point out that going to the bathroom to carry out daily activities becomes a dangerous act. These bathrooms do not provide the security that they require, they do not have privacy and many are victims of abuse in these spaces. The project deals with a construction made through modules designed according to the needs of each camp, in order to implement this idea in any other camp and can be molded according to its requirements, dimensions and terrain. For this, maritime containers have been chosen, thanks to their resistance and strength, they are stackable and durable.