An unexpected coupon hunt to change people mind about the smartest way to buy their high-tech.

The "Smiling Plates" project created by the third year students of the undergraduate Course "Communication Design" of IED Milano is based on the brief launched by Verizon, US broadband and telecommunications provider.

The team consisting of Davide Bellomia, Alessia Plazzotta, Matthias Maiello, Jacopo Santilli, and Alessandro Marchetto, has devised an innovative communication strategy to solidify the recognizability of the tech company and made possible for the students to win third place at the Young Ones Students Awards in New York, one of the most important awards in the field of communication and design.

The concept of the project is based on the speed of services that Verizon can offer compared to other competitors: every 15 minutes, in fact, there is a store. But to incentivize the consumer all is needed is a click: it is enough to take a picture of a license plate belonging to an Amazon truck and go to one of the Verizon stores to receive a coupon on an high-tech accessory.