Academic year


The dizzying pace at which large cities like Dubai, London and Hong Kong are developing has sparked an interest in nature and sustainable products.

 Rising from that concern is Stalactite – a system that can filter and mineralise tap water just like a spring does by Roberto Ayala and Mateo Alcazar from IED Barcelona’s Master in Sustainable Design. 

The project is a solution for those people who care about the current issues related to the waste of water, with alternative lifestyles, and interested in good living and health.

Stalactite consists of 13 pieces, and has an indefinite life, although for the following purposes it has been considered about 10 years of life. During that time the user replaces the consumption of bottled water in favor of a sustainable option. With Stalactite people not only have quality water with a good taste but they reduce the environmental impact associated with the consumption of bottles.

This project was selected by the Global Grad Show during Dubai Design Week 2018.