Academic year


"The Heart of Flavours" is a redevelopment project for the Nuovo Calisse Market located in the Don Bosco neighborhood of Rome.

It integrates architecture, design, innovation, and sustainability. The goal is to design a place that caters to the needs of future generations while addressing the challenges the market faces today. The new layout is intended to make the center of the market the true beating heart, capable of connecting and uniting its previously disconnected galleries. Additionally, new connection spaces have been introduced for the community to foster a sense of belonging: a square, a smart-working station, a game room. Through these measures, the market aims to reestablish strong community bonds, transforming into an interactive space that can also address social needs. This work is part of the "Mercato Futuro" project in which students, in collaboration with Roma Capitale, were tasked with imagining and designing a market of the future, a place that embraces the fields of architecture and design while emphasizing sustainability and new technologies.