Academic year


This project aims to give an answer to today's mobility needs from a circular economy perspective and open source platforms for the design of a 2/3/4 wheel urban vehicle that takes into account social, structural, economic, technological factors and the trends that make up today's complex scenario.

Starting from the study of a large target audience (18-70 years), three "archetypes" were identified, three personalities with different habits, desires and travel needs. Tribe's strategy is therefore to offer a platform with double value: tangibly (the basic and modular element of the vehicle) and intangible (a digital platform). On a physical level, the design of the vehicles is declined in modular solutions aimed at each of the macro-groups of users, identified as real tribes.

The base is the "V" shaped element of the chassis that allows the creation of vehicles of varying dimensions according to the needs, capable of accommodating 2,3 and 4 wheels. Modular structures with different functions are therefore applied to the chassis, intended for the transport of people (tribe for four), goods (tribe for three), or a few basic necessities (tribe for two) on the urban territory. Functionality, needs and a distinctive aesthetic trait make up the product's DNA. On the intangible level, the digital platform allows the aggregation of users in multiple situations: from the proper design and construction of vehicles through a web configurator that allows stockholder to create the best service's tools for their needs, to finally the direct usage of the sharing service via an application which manage to match like-minded people to form close-knit groups.