Academic year


Individual presentation for the designer Christian Boaro’s CHB brand in the theme of TRADITIONAL REVOLUTION. Realization of a collection and one final outfit.

Diletta Bonollo, student of the Fashion Design Master course and author of the thesis project "With the wind blowing, I’ll jump" talks about her and how her idea for CHB was born:

At the start of my master's experience, following the onset of the Covid pandemic, I found myself lost and lacking confidence in my abilities as a fashion designer. Overwhelmed with sadness, questions, and doubts, I was consumed by fear for the future, which led to a creative block.

However, over the course of the year, I managed to overcome my fear. Not only did I rediscover my passion for fashion design, but I also gained a newfound strength and self-awareness, leaving me prepared for the next phase of my life.

My final collection, "With the Wind Blowing, I'll Jump," represents the parachute that will guide me through this significant and daunting leap in my life.

Through this project, I want to remind myself and others that, no matter how great our fears may seem, we all possess a parachute that will open when we take that leap. If we don't take the jump, we'll never know that it exists and follows us through our descent. Although it may break during the fall, it will never abandon us. We will mend it and be ready for the next jump.