El IED Barcelona organiza “Un mar de oportunidades. Explorando la Economía Azul hacia un Futuro Sostenible”


24 October 2023


19:00 PM


C/ Biada 11, Barcelona - Spain


In-person event

The partnership between IED and the Port of Barcelona will be present in the OFF programming of Barcelona Design Week (BDW) in the form of a seminar entitled “A Sea of Opportunities: Exploring the Blue Economy Towards a Sustainable Future”.

The discussion, which will unite Design and the Blue Economy, will take place at the IED Barcelona Point One building on 24 October at 7 pm, providing an interesting focus on the importance of the blue economy of oceans for sustainability through innovation and design. It will also emphasise the connection between Barcelona and the sea in the current context of preparations for the upcoming America’s Cup, scheduled to be held in the city in 2024.

The panel will comprise Emma Cobos, Director of Innovation and Business Strategy at the Port of Barcelona; Mireia de Mas, Project Director of Seastainable Ventures and Director of Operations and Co-Founder of Ocean Ecostructures, and Raffaella Perrone, Director of IED Barcelona’s Design Department.

You can book your ticket here.