“Elevando la conciencia colectiva” en el IED Barcelona


07 November 2023 - 07 November 2023


18:30 PM - 20:00 PM


c/ Biada 11, Barcelona - Spain



IED Barcelona’s business division and Universo MOLA – a Latin American sustainable fashion movement – in collaboration with Moritz, are co-hosting “Elevando la conciencia colectiva” [“Raising collective awareness”] next Tuesday, 7 November at 6.30 pm at IED Barcelona’s Gràcia neighbourhood campus.

A discussion on the creation of consumer communities in the world of inclusive, sustainable fashion design.

The speakers include: Valentina Suárez, co-founder and managing director of Universo MOLA, a Latin American international sustainable fashion movement; Gabriela Pedranti, communicator and researcher in social, branding, fashion and sustainability issues, as well as active member of the Barcelona Sustainable Fashion Association, and Pablo Erroz, creative director of the eponymous brand and coordinator of the Master in Men’s Fashion Design at IED Barcelona.

Marina Vergés, journalist and founder of the inclusive fashion brand Free From Style, will emcee the event.

Register here or follow the talk vía streaming.