03 February 2023 - 05 February 2023


18:30 PM - 23:30 PM


c/ Álava 85. Patio of the Hotel Vila Olímpica, Barcelona - Spain

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In-person event

As we are currently facing a global energy crisis, it is necessary to become aware of our energy consumption so that we can act accordingly. The Slow Light installation promotes this vision.

Conceived by Interior Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, and Motion Graphics and Video students at IED Barcelona, we invite you to live an astounding experience in which you will be part of the creative process, and an essential agent of change.

Come and visit us from 3 to 5 February at point 23 of the festival. You’re in for a surprise!

In the meantime, we’ll give you a clue: you’re going to need your mobile phone.

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