29 February 2024 - 29 February 2024




Club, Orión Norte S/N La Vista Country, 72810 San Andrés Cholula, Puebla-México, Puebla - Mexico

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In-person event

During the month of february, the IED team will travel to México with Raquel Buj, fashion designer, architect and teacher at IED Madrid, who will give a series of conferences with our partners in that country.

Thus, from the week of february  29th to march 1st, some of the most renowned and prominent institutions and universities in that country that offer programs linked to the creative industries sector will be visited. 

Dress as architecture of the skin - New materialities in Fashion” is one of the conferences planned in the program of activities. 

¿Can we learn from nature and apply it to our designs? ¿Can we integrate technology into our garment? ¿Can a dress become a space? We have been covering ourselves with different envelopes that we call fashion for thousands of years. In the current era, it is increasingly necessary to experiment with new materials and explore other expressions for fashion. 

Buj will talk about innovation, her sources of inspiration and her proposals for the future. It will explore other ways of working around the body, it will bring us closer and make us more sensitive to the environment, to what is there and that we do not see yet. 

Raquel Buj has extensive experience in the Creative Industries sector. Her work is situated at the intersection between art and fashion. A practice dedicated to speculative experimentation with materials from which to design clothing inspired by the idea of the envelope or second skin. 

Founder of the BUJ studio, a laboratory where traditional crafts, biomanufacturing and digital production hybridize.  A space for material speculation and ecological design, whose activity shows that the materials that surround us are more than just inert objects: each of them is charged with a vibrant power that invites us to explore possible ecologies. 

Her work has been recognized by fashion institutions (Samsung Ego Innovation Project 2017 award in Madrid Mercedes Benz Fashion Madrid) or the Ibero-American Design Biennial.  

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If you have any doubt, please contact us to: 

In addition, all those participants who are interested in being part of the IED, will have the opportunity to learn about its academic offer at the Spanish and Italian schools during the session. 

So they can solve any questions related to study plans, costs, scholarships, admission requirements, discounts and promotions. 

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