Italian Design Day: fabricar valor – inclusividad, innovación y sostenibilidad IED Barcelona


14 March 2024 - 14 March 2024


19:00 PM - 21:00 PM


C/ Aribau 226, 08006, Barcelona - Spain


In-person event

Soft Architecture as an instrument to project a more open, welcoming and circular city, and the issue of gender in the field of architecture. These are the topics that will be addressed by the event “Softness: Feminine design and architecture / new models for the urban spaces of the future” in which IED Barcelona will participate on the occasion of Italian Design Day on 14 March at 7 pm, at Juno House.

The meeting will begin with the screening of the documentary Softness. i-Mesh designing the city by Francesca Molteni, Ambassador of Italian Design, and Cristiana Colli, as well as some snippets from the webinar Le architettrici [The Women Architects], edited by Fulvio Irace.

Later, there will be a debate moderated by Raffaella Perrone, Head of the Design School at IED Barcelona, in which Molteni herself; Benedetta Tagliabue, Architect and Founder of the international studio EMBT Architects (together with Enric Miralles); and Claudia Schneider, Architect and Teacher at IED Barcelona, will participate.

Free entry with prior reservation by writing to: