"New Crafts Digital Revolution vol. 4" IED Barcelona Artesania de Catalunya


05 June 2024 - 07 June 2024


11:00 AM - 19:30 PM


Ateneu de Fabricació Digital de Gràcia c/ Perill 8, 08012 , Barcelona - Spain


In-person event

On 5 June at 11 am the closing event of the collaboration between IED Barcelona and Artesania Catalunya [Catalan Crafts] within the framework of the New Crafts Digital Revolution vol. 4 initiative, which includes the participation of students from a range of disciplines from the School, will take place at the Ateneu de Fabricació Digital de Gràcia [Gràcia Fab Lab].

The event will showcase the projects with the presence of the students and craftsmen and women who worked together on them, who will talk about the process of developing their designs.

‘New Crafts Digital Revolution’ aims to combine cutting-edge digital manufacturing technologies (2D and 3D) with the timeless craft techniques of experienced master craftsmen and women.

Mentored by Elisa Padrón and the Product Design Project Leader Berta Julià, both IED Labs and the collaborating entities — Artesania Catalunya and the Gràcia Fab Lab — have created the necessary links with leading craftsmen and women in ceramics, jewellery, handmade knives, leather, textiles and glass; achieving Product Design results that succeed in uniting seemingly distant techniques.

Pop-up exhibition on display from now until Friday 7 June.


Exhibition opening times:

5 June: 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm

6 & 7 June: 10 am to 2 pm and 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm