05 July 2023 - 09 July 2023


19:00 PM - 17:00 PM


La Rambla, 51-59 , Barcelona - Spain


In-person event

'In the beginning everything was white' is an immersive experience in which discovering is more important than seeing

For over a year, a multidisciplinary team of students from IED Barcelona has been working on the co-creation of In the beginning everything was white, a small-format opera for the project Òh!pera. This initiative, driven by the Gran Teatre del Liceu and Barcelona City Council’s Department of Tourism and Creative Industries through Disseny Hub Barcelona, aims to foster experimentation and learning for young students from different design disciplines from across the city through practice with dramaturgy and operatic technique professionals.

Students have designed the scenography, costumes, projections and lighting for the play by Itziar Viloria, Alex Tentor and Jordi Oriol with stage direction by Jordi Oriol and performed by the soprano Ariadna Aranda.

In the beginning everything was white addresses how hyperconnectivity and visual over-consumption saturate our daily lives. Based on this fact, and the intention of the authors to create “tactile music, audible light, sound space and visible voice, united in the uniqueness of their excess and, after that, silence”, students came up with a scenography proposal that encourages young people to re-educate their gaze and live an immersive experience in which discovering is more important than seeing.

The performance will take place at the Box of the Gran Teatre del Liceu on 5 and 6 July at 7 pm, and 9 July at 11 am and 5 pm.

Subsequently, from 19 September to 7 January 2024, Disseny Hub Barcelona will present an exhibition showcasing the creation processes of the eight micro-operas shown in the two editions of the Òh!pera project thus far.


Credits for In the beginning everything was white

Co-authors: Itziar Viloria, Alex Tentor and Jordi Oriol

Stage Direction: Jordi Oriol

Scenography: IED Barcelona

Costume Design: Marta Fernández Martínez / Fernanda González Acosta

Stage Design: Paula Casademunt / Louise Zanartu / Monique de Oliveira

Video Creation: Camila Kotliarsky / Karin Schmidt

Project Tutor: Claudia Schneider

Project Manager: Ana Pérez

Lighting Design: David Bofarull (AAI)

Teachers and Advisors:

Raffaella Perrone: Director of the Design School at IED Barcelona

Mery Glez: Director of the Visual Communication School at IED Barcelona

Julia Weems: Director of the Fashion School at IED Barcelona

Fabricio Perez: Course Leader of Fashion at IED Barcelona

Sergi Carbonell: Video Teacher at IED Barcelona


Students (BY COURSE)

Camila Kotliarsky: 3rd year Graphic Design

Fernanda González Acosta: 2nd year Fashion Design

Karin Schmidt: 3rd year Motion Graphics and Video

Louise Zanartu: 4th year Product Design

Marta Fernández Martínez: 2nd year Fashion Design

Monique de Oliveira: 3rd year Interior Design

Paula Casademunt: 4th year Interior Design