21 December 2022 - 29 January 2023


10:00 AM - 18:00 PM


Pl. de las Glorias Catalanas, 37 - 38, , Barcelona - Spain

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In-person event

From 21 December 2022 to 29 January 2023, the Disseny Hub Barcelona will host the exhibition "Imagining the Possible", a show that brings together a set of possible alternatives for seeing, understanding and doing in the world, which includes the participation of projects by three students from IED Barcelona.

Curated by Laura Malinverni and Cristina Valero, the exhibition stems from the desire to make visible the potential of art and design as ways of approaching the complexities of new emerging paradigms and altering our thinking habits.

Starting from a critical look at the present, the projects offer imaginative resources, capable of forcing us to think about possibilities that have not yet been established and that do not fit the norm.

The IED projects showcased in the exhibition are:

“Hemeroteca Digital”. A collaboration between ISEA 2022 and the Designing For The Many (D4TM) subject imparted at IED Barcelona’s Master school that shows news items occurring in future scenarios. Its objective is to explore situations and speculate on facts, observing the capacity and repercussion of design in the construction of our future/present continuum through them.

“Plastilk”. Proposal by Ana Sofía Rubio Peschard, Interior Design student, and Bruno Pacini, Fashion Design student, that aims to create plastic containers from foods such as milk and vinegar.

“Ex terra”. Reuses agricultural waste from the El Prat artichoke plant to develop a new organic material that can be used in a range of applications, such as artichoke paper. It is a project by Carolina Galeazzi, alumni of the Master in Sustainable Design.

Conference on speculative fiction

This exhibition is linked to the conference “Imagining possible worlds: Potentialities, limits and frictions of speculative fiction in research and education”, that will be held at the Disseny Hub Barcelona on 19 and 20 January 2023.

This project falls within the framework of ISEA 2022 as an initiative of the CosiCosa association with the support of Barcelona City Council.

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