13 April 2023 - 13 April 2023


19:00 PM - 20:30 PM


SmArt Point Conference room called A-Studio 280, Baizakov street, Almaty, Almaty - Kazakhstan

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In-person event

IED is holding a creative lecture for those young talents who are interested in enrolling in any course among IED academic offerings in Italy and Spain.

Giovanni Ottonello, IED Art Director, will hold a virtual speech 

Trends 2023 in Fashion & Design - new ways to apply them in your Portfolio

There are many questions we need to ask ourselves before we start planning, and they all concern both an understanding of the present and the relationship with the future. What will influence our future? How well do we know the present? Do we know how to read people's behavior and use it in our projects? Do we know how to read an image, a color, a material? These are some of the many questions we are asking ourselves and which are perhaps not easily answered. This is why we often rely on future trends

Trends can inspire us or give us different stimuli, make us explore new universes but also find a suitable language to communicate. During the lecture we will analyze possible scenarios to discover new forms of beauty and creativity.

After the lecture  IED Eurasia Consultant will hold a Q&A session and give an overview of IED programs in Russian language. 

As a potential candidate, you can ask all sorts of questions regarding educational offer, application process, scholarship contests and early bird discounts for IED Undergraduate, Master and Study Abroad courses as well as discuss particularities of required documents. 

Although everyone is welcome, places  are limited therefore it is necessary to register here.

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