23 February 2023

A year at the service of the city and its community, dedicated to the creation of projects and events that identify and respond to collective needs.

This is the challenge taken up by the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome which, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, becomes a promoter of initiatives with the aim of offering not only creative ideas and suggestions that look to the future, but also concrete services for the benefit of the territory.

There is a rich calendar of projects in the pipeline, bringing together the whole teaching agenda under the claim IED for: IED at the service of. Starting on 5 April, at the MAXXI - National Museum of XXI Century Arts, with the exhibition “Roma tra cinquant’anni” (Rome in fifty years). This is the fourteenth edition of IED Factory, an annual format that allows students to attend immersive, interdisciplinary workshops with exceptional curators. This year, through the eyes of photographers and visual artists, possible future scenarios of the capital will be explored and hundreds of students will be asked to imagine the Rome of the future. This will be followed in May by a special edition of “La Città Insegna” (The City Teaches), a cycle of itinerant lessons in historic Roman settings, created with the intention of exploring public space and creating a new form of relationship with the city. This year, IED Roma will complement the week of lessons dedicated to students with four lectures open to the public and included in the Open House Roma calendar. Upcoming projects include a prototype for a reuse and recycling plant together with Roma Capitale, a proposal for the regeneration of three local markets in the Roman suburbs, and a new training scheme for inmates of the Regina Coeli Prison. Particular attention will also be paid to former students who have distinguished themselves in the Institute's various disciplines over the past half century and who have now established themselves as true benchmarks in the world of fashion, design, communication and visual arts. Their experiences will be collected in an editorial publication dedicated to the new generations and produced by the IED students themselves as a thesis project.

Over the years, the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome, which opened in 1973, has seen more than 10,000 students from all over the world graduate. Young men and women of 60 different nationalities spanning all the continents. Directed since 2019 by Laura Negrini, IED Roma has three campuses in the city in the San Giovanni and Testaccio districts, and boasts a network of 500 professional lecturers and 1,500 students.

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