23 October 2019

The 'Alice nella Città' Film Festival has teamed up with the Istituto Europeo di Design to award prizes for the most innovative ideas and projects developed at the school campus in Rome. Special guests, actress Paola Minaccioni and illustrator Zuzu

Nine projects to envision the future. A future with a focus on sustainability, urban culture movements and charity. These are the topics covered by the award-winning projects of IED Roma Design Awards, the opening event of the academic year held at IED Roma, this year being hosted as part of 'Alice nella Città’ - a separate yet side-by-side event of Festa del Cinema, specifically intended for young generations. 

On 18th October, before an audience of more than 700 young people on the stage of the Auditorium della Conciliazione, the nine most innovative projects developed by a group of young designers from the IED campus based in Rome were presented and awarded prizes, after being selected from 24 finalist dissertations. Special guests were actress and radio presenter Paola Minaccioni, and cartoonist and illustrator Giulia Spagnulo, also known as Zuzu, a former student at IED Roma.

Developed in cooperation with 'Cinecittà Si Mostra', the short film 'Dante' - a tribute to the world of production designers, particularly to top Italian scenographer Dante Ferretti - was awarded a special mention within the 'Alice nella Città' Film Festival as the project best reflecting the concept of the event, while the fashion film 'The Leisure' won the best dissertation award in the Performing Arts category. With a short film developed for Contemporary Cluster, based on the success achieved converting Palazzo Brancaccio into a new cultural and artistic interaction hub, the creative team was also awarded a second prize - i.e. that of the Design category - on the back of ‘Frammenti’, a set of works for use on the three main façades of the historic Rome building to guide visitors through its wide-ranging architectural spaces. 

‘The Fury of Sekhmet’, a graphic novel produced for the Vatican Museums, which explores the duality of the Egyptian goddess as being connected to human pandemics and healing, wins the prize for best dissertation in the Visual Arts category. Social issues, on the other hand, are the focus of the ‘best multidisciplinary project’, an award given to the twenty students who travelled across Italy reporting on Emergency's work about the right to healthcare, giving voice to stories that would appear to come from afar, but instead are real life stories of our own country. 

Amala, an advertising campaign carried out in partnership with AMA to raise awareness among citizens about proper waste disposal, was the best dissertation for the Communication category.  Little pro, an innovative public lighting solution developed for Enel X, wins the award for the 'Special Projects' category. The celebration of body positivity was also awarded. Bodyparts, a capsule collection investigating the body and how it changes with time created by Gianluca Zumbolo, is the best dissertation for the Fashion category. Finally, Parkli - the app that relieves us of parking anxiety - is the best dissertation in the Master Course category. 

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