Academic year


The challenge presented to the students of Brand management & communication Master course focuses on transforming Vodafone from a telco to a techco company, leveraging 5G and attracting Gen Z.

With the main goal to reposition Vodafone Italia from telco to techco and improve its image as an innovator through leveraging on 5G, the project started off with a thorough investigation of the market situation in B2B. Through the use of qualitative, desk and quantitative research, we understood which tech trends shaped the business side, current awareness of 5G, the competitive landscape within B2B and the needs and behaviors of our target. Our research gave us the important understanding that the business side was lacking two things: awareness of how 5G could be applied and the number of tools available.

Most importantly, the research showed that digital solutions were more adapted for larger companies, but that SMEs and freelancers accounted for the majority of the Italian market. Also, in order to have the biggest growth within the telecom sector, a provider should take on the role as a service creator. Looking at what Vodafone Italia was currently doing to unlock the benefits of 5G within B2B, they had a business lab (that was open to everyone) and an accelerator program (that was open to specific companies). This gave us a clear direction of taking the benefits of both programs and combining them. Furthermore, we decided to target tech driven SMEs and innovative start-ups within software development and machine production that actually could unlock the benefits of 5G.

Our idea was to develop a tech accelerator for everyone, with two tiers that would ensure a more accessible and personalized experience for businesses. Moreover, through taking on the role as a service provider and acquiring shares of innovative start-ups and SME’s market shares, Vodafone would own the tech market and be the first disruptor in the 5G sector.

With this in mind, our communication idea easily followed “Dots need to be connected”, symbolizing that Vodafones has the means and resources, which needs to connect human innovation together through a powerful network of technology.