Academic year


The project deals with the creation of content for social networks and proposes innovations that merge sustainable fashion and technology

The student proposes a social media communication plan for Brava Fabrics with the aim of creating a community of followers who feel identified with the brand's personality values.

The proposal deals with the daily creation of didactic, informative and useful content for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok and Twitch. In addition, innovations that merge sustainable fashion and technology for the Brava Fabrics point of sale are proposed, such as: a marketlab space to create prints; fitting rooms with RFID technology, which recognizes the products and provides information to customers so that they can request different sizes and colors without leaving the fitting room, as well as fitting rooms with a photomaton format, in order to create an instagrammable area, as well as an immersive experience, among other ideas.

It also includes a collaboration with the Hotel Habbo video game, a vintage virtual community popular in the 2000s with various associated actions (virtual gaming, virtual event, landing page, interactive showcase...).

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