Academic year


Support Amazon in the development of new usage scenarios, architectural settings and experiential touchpoints for the new opening of Amazon Headquarters in Vercelli, focusing on entrance, meet- ing rooms and press areas.

In today's world, brands need to tell their stories in a more honest and open way, influenced by past and present events. After analyzing Amazon's success, particularly in the field of innovation, and understanding what present and future customers are looking for in brands, it has become clear that customer loyalty alone is not enough to establish true and meaningful connections.

Amazon is like a diamond, valuable but not fully revealed, and we need to refine it to show its preciousness and shine in all directions. Diamonds represent safety, trust, and an eternal bond, which are essential for building connections between a brand and its users. Therefore, the focus of the design of the space is not only on creating an aesthetically pleasing environment but also on being extremely frugal, which is Amazon's approach.

The most valuable and frugal element of the space is the structure. We used an existing structure of industrial racks and transformed it to reflect our diamond concept throughout the space. By playing with the color of the structure and combining it with frugal materials, we created a clear and revolutionary evolution of the space. This journey of trust and transparency inside the Innovation Lab will help users to understand Amazon's innovative attitude towards safety and ergonomics through the implementation of new technologies.

In conclusion, brands need to establish true and meaningful connections with their customers, and the design of the Innovation Lab for Amazon reflects this concept. By refining the diamond, we can reveal its preciousness and shine in all directions, establishing a clear understanding of Amazon's innovative attitude towards safety and ergonomics.