Academic year


The young are famous for being the kings of video games. Everyone except one: Candy Crush!

The objective of this challenge? To make Candy Crush a more engaging and appealing experience for a younger audience, going beyond the traditional perception of it being just a "game for moms." The time has finally come for GenZ to shine and face off against the Boomers in an epic generational battle!

Firstly, the channel most frequented by young gamers - Twitch - was identified as the platform for this challenge. Subsequently, players who would compete against their mothers in Candy Crush were carefully selected.

As a result, gamer moms took over Twitch, entertaining the live audience as they engaged in thrilling matches against their viewers, in a captivating competition under the motto #beatyourmum.

The project, created by Valentina Caldano, Alessia D’Acquisto, Chiara Granaldi, Susanna Negri and Marzia Zulli, won the Wood Pencil at the D&AD Awards.