Art Direction Lab



Start date

November 2023






5 Months


3.000 €

The course in Art Direction Lab is set up like a “gym” session – an intensive evening time slot within which the vocation of the Art Director will be developed.

Among professionals involved in the great communication revolution, the Art Director needs to rethink his or her identity and action plan constantly and carefully.
The course will be anchored, necessarily, in the contemporary world and the challenges it offers us, thus combining ongoing research on creative ideas with further exploration into the synergy between creativity and technology.
In the classroom the dynamics of a company will be reproduced, with theoretical elements and practical exercises, briefs, presentations, detailed assessments and realistic time scales.
In the evening during the course a “parallel company” will be set up to replicate the challenges and opportunities (and the “pressure”) of a difficult, but at the same time extraordinarily challenging, period can be experienced firsthand. 

Language: The lessons are held in Italian language; to attend the course, is required a good knowledge of Italian language reading and oral comprehension.

Limited number of seats available

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Whether you’re already a professional seeking new challenges or a recent graduate ready to face the world of work, the Art Direction course is what you need to learn and put into practice the work of the art director, to comprehend the evolution of new languages, but also to understand the complex contemporary professional scenario.

The Art Direction training course will form a true art director, and one that is an extraordinary master of many disciplines, always ready to learn new ones, in order to improve their campaign.
In their “toolkit” there will be a mix of practice and theory, of technology but also of “craftsmanship” that form the basis of the exhausting but insatiable role of the Art Director of today. They will embody the values that make Art Directors appealing on the market.


Brief, creativity, sharing and creation of advertising ideas
The creative couple
Rough copy, layout, final layout
Graphic design, creation of a matching brand and image
Working on ideas
Print: luxury packaging
Alternative media
Web Entertainment
Technological creativity and innovation
Editorial art direction
Creative laboratory: Workshop


Luca Riva

Sebastiano Morando

Post Production Manager and Supervisor

Davide Barco

Laura Boy

Nicolò Carrassi

Lorenzo Picchiotti

Livio Basoli

Federica Nanni

Nico Gonzo Carrassi

Alessio Salatino

Lorenzo Del Bianco

Daniele Castrogiovanni

Elena Panza

Roberta Lippi

Mirko Mantellato

Matteo Pecorari